eMortgage Logic Integrates MLS Data Into Platform

eMortgage Logic LLC (EML), a provider of residential real property valuations, data and analytics, says it has integrated nationwide Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data into its valuation management platform.

EML says the new integration allows brokers and appraisers to access MLS data directly through its online platform, which will automatically populate the data-input fields with all available information on the subject property and comparable properties chosen by the broker or appraiser.

‘This automated data entry process dramatically reduces or eliminates errors incurred when brokers and appraisers enter information manually,’ says Ralph Sells, CEO of EML. ‘It also acts as a data validation source, further ensuring that the values we provide our customers are based on the most current and accurate information available.’

EML has also developed a proprietary comparable-property scoring methodology that analyzes hundreds of fields of data for each subject property and chosen comps, and provides a statistical scoring of the relative fit for each comp. This scoring process helps EML's quality assurance team verify that the broker or appraiser has chosen the most appropriate comps for the subject property and, if necessary, question why certain comps were chosen.


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