Envoy Mortgage Creates Home Builder Division

12544_homebuild_art Envoy Mortgage Creates Home Builder Division Houston-based Envoy Mortgage has expanded its business with the launch of its new National Builder Division platform.

According to the company, the new division seeks to capture opportunities to reach and serve the resurgent homebuilder market segment by offering targeted products and services to meet the specific needs of builders and their buyers. The division will partner with large and small homebuilders and, guided with construction market research and expertise, will focus on helping builders expand their footprint in new construction communities nationally, the company adds.

‘Everyone knows the economy has been struggling, and that pain was especially felt in the new home construction segment,’ says Suzanne Schakett, senior vice president of the new division. ‘Those struggles did not necessarily have to do with homebuilders mishandling their business in any way, but rather with cash flow constraints from the banks and their inability to acquire interim construction financing, among other factors. Today, however, there is a renewed energy being felt in the industry and homebuilders are excited for the first time in several years.’


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