eOriginal Enhances Loan Mod Product

In response to increased stress on lenders' servicing infrastructures, eOriginal says it has released a new product enhancement intended to relieve the pressure on lenders and third-party loan servicing companies.

The service is available now through the eOriginal eCore On Demand software as a service (SaaS) offering already in high-volume production. Delivered through a plug-in Web services interface that may be quickly embedded in existing lender or servicer Web sites or portals, the solution provides options for single sign-on user authentication, document presentation, opt-in/consent, electronic signatures and the state-of-the-art eOriginal eCore electronic vault for compliance, security, auditing and access control for the signed documents.

The service greatly reduces printing, paper, faxes, shipping, copying, distribution, quality assurance, signature collection expenses and many of the other soft costs associated with mending or restructuring distressed loans, the company states. Clients can process more transactions without the need to hire additional administrators and IT staff or purchase any hardware or software.

Source: eOriginal


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