Essent MI Can Now Be Ordered Seamlessly Via PCLender’s LOS

Essent Guaranty Inc.‘s mortgage insurance pricing engine is now integrated with PCLender‘s loan origination system (LOS), thus giving lenders using the LOS a fast and easy path for pricing and ordering private mortgage insurance (MI) from Essent.

Lenders will now be able to quote and order Essent MI for delegated and non-delegated loans directly from the LOS.

“This partnership between Essent and PCLender is a real win for our customers,” says Bill Kaiser, chief operations officer for Essent Guaranty, in a release. “PCLender’s integrated platform approach provides customers [with] the ability to easily obtain MI rate quotes and order delegated and non-delegated MI certificates. Our customers can expect greater efficiency and data accuracy, all while providing borrowers with the best possible MI solutions and service available.”

The PCLender LOS streamlines the lenders’ mortgage lending workflow through process automation, seamless integrations and rule-based validation, granting lenders improved loan quality and consistent compliance.

PCLender partners with industry experts and “best of breed” third-party vendors to provide a robust service network.

“With our new integration, our customers will seamlessly get feedback to validate mortgage insurance eligibility and rates,” says Lionel Urban, CEO of PCLender. “As lenders move into a purchase market, the need for streamlining the MI process is very valuable, and we appreciate the collaboration and support from Essent to make it happen.”


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