Exceleras Adds ‘Property Management’ to DispoSolutions


Exceleras reports that it has updated its DispoSolutions Real Estate Owned (REO) solution so that “property management” is now among the available vendor types.

This means property managers can now be assigned to properties and tasked directly through the DispoSolutions platform.

The software firm – which also offers the ValueSolutions Collateral Valuation and ClearView Offer Management platforms – says it was compelled to update DispoSolutions with this new functionality due to the increasing prevalence of investors holding and renting properties.

“With this update DispoSolutions becomes a fully powered vendor management software application for real estate purchasing, rehabilitation and disposition,” says Amy Bergseth, chief operating officer for Exceleras, in a release. “With more investors using DispoSolutions for property they are holding and renting, we have now given them the power to manage all of their partners in the real estate sales and asset management processes.

“Our users can now work directly with property repair, preservation, appraisal, valuation, insurance and redemption companies as well as title, closing and eviction attorneys, and their property management partners without ever leaving the platform,” Bergseth adds.

Exceleras explains that although it has a very large group of vendors registered on the system, the company is not a vendor manager, per se. Rather, DispoSolutions makes every user a more effective vendor manager for its own firm.

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