Experian Introduces Credit Horizons For Securities

Experian is now offering CreditHorizons for Securities, a data-feed product that consists of anonymized U.S. consumer credit profiles that have been matched to the private-label securitized mortgage deals in the loan-level database from First American CoreLogic/Loan Performance.Â

According to the company, CreditHorizons for Securities offers a predefined set of more than 50 anonymized consumer credit data variables that have been carefully evaluated and selected for their predictive ability. Maintaining a relatively small number of variables ensures that the product is user-friendly and easy to implement, the company adds.

‘Monthly trustee and servicer data sets provide a limited foundation for predicting payment patterns,’ says Ethan Klemperer, general manager of Experian Capital Markets. ‘To compete profitably in today's market, investors need upgraded valuation methods with increased transparency and predictive power.’

SOURCE: Experian


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