Fannie Mae Approves NotaryCam’s eClose360 Solution

Smile as you sign that mortgage document – you’re on NotaryCam!

Fannie Mae has approved NotaryCam’s eClose360 solution as part of its list of approved digital mortgage vendors.

That means the solution is certified and approved for use on loans Fannie Mae purchases from mortgage loan originators.

Remote e-notarization is a critical element in achieving a fully electronic “e-mortgage.” Although the investor community has been somewhat slow to accept e-notarizations, due to security concerns, the technology has been around for over a decade now and has had plenty of time to prove its reliability. As such, investors are now becoming more comfortable with its use.

“We are very proud to have made this important list of industry solutions for digital mortgage,” says Rick Triola, founder and CEO of NotaryCam, in a release. “We’ve been working with portfolio lenders for some time, but now, any mortgage banker that sells its production to Fannie Mae can feel comfortable employing eClose360 and enjoy the benefits it offers them, their partners and consumers.”

“Our research and experience indicates a growing interest and increasing number of lenders adopting e-mortgages,” adds Michael Cafferky, e-mortgage product manager for Fannie Mae. “Fannie Mae is committed to supporting customers and business partners as we move the market forward. We are very pleased to add NotaryCam to the list of approved solution providers to further expand options available to our customers to originate and deliver e-mortgages to Fannie Mae.”


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