Fannie Mae Lists Top Multifamily Originators

Mae has named the top originators of its Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS) multifamily debt financing product, as well as its top producers of overall multifamily business for 2008. This follows a [u][link=]recent announcement[/link][/u] of the company's investment of $35.5 billion in multifamily housing for the same year. ‘Fannie Mae and its DUS lenders made a record level of multifamily investment in 2008,’ says Phil Weber, senior vice president of multifamily at Fannie Mae. "Fannie Mae's DUS lenders continue to provide market leadership and important liquidity and stability to the multifamily market." Fannie Mae DUS lenders were responsible for over 90% of the Fannie Mae multifamily debt business in 2008. As was previously announced, Fannie Mae's DUS lenders and affiliates delivered $33.3 billion of the company's total investment in multifamily housing in 2008. The following 11 DUS lenders produced the highest volume through the DUS platform in 2008, each providing at least $1 billion in volume to Fannie Mae: [list=type]Red Mortgage Capital Inc. *Prudential Multifamily Mortgage Inc. *Deutsche Bank Berkshire Mortgage *Wachovia Multifamily Capital, Inc. *Wells Fargo Bank NA *PNC ARCS LLC *Grandbridge Real Estate Capital LLC *Capmark Finance Inc. *Arbor Commercial Funding LLC *Greenpark Financial Limited Partnership *Greystone Servicing Corporation Inc. [/list] Of the company's 2008 total investment of $35.5 billion in multifamily housing, the following three lenders produced the greatest volumes in flow (all loans, including DUS), seasoned pools and structured transactions contributing over $9 billion dollars collectively: [list=type]Red Mortgage Capital Inc. *Citibank NA *Sovereign Bank FSB [/list] SOURCE: Fan


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