Federal Reserve Seeks Comment On Dodd-Frank Requirement

11228_0acomments Federal Reserve Seeks Comment On Dodd-Frank Requirement The Federal Reserve Board has requested comment on a proposed amendment to the board's notice of proposed rulemaking (NPR) issued Feb. 11, 2011, to establish requirements for determining whether a company is ‘predominantly engaged in financial activities.’

Under Title I of the Dodd-Frank Act, a company generally can be designated for board supervision by the Financial Stability Oversight Council only if 85% or more of the company's revenues or assets are related to activities that are financial in nature under the Bank Holding Company Act. Â

Some comments to the February 2011 NPR asked whether conditions imposed on the conduct of financial activities by the Bank Holding Company Act and the board's regulations should be considered in defining financial activities for purposes of Title I. The board is therefore proposing to amend the NPR to clarify the activities that are financial for purposes of Title I.Â

Comments on the proposed amendment must be submitted by May 25.Â


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