Fed’s Facebook Poll Finds Public Anger At QE3

Fed's Facebook Poll Finds Public Anger At QE3 It may not be the most scientific way to conduct a survey, but an informal poll conducted on a certain ubiquitous website suggests that popular opinion of recent Federal Reserve policy is not positive.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco used its Facebook page to query the public on the central bank's latest round of quantitative easing, commonly known as QE3. The response of ‘Long term, disastrous’ was the most popular feedback, garnering 355 votes as of Monday afternoon. The next 12 top responses ran a gloomy gamut from ‘negative’ to ‘thanks for $5 gas,’ while 26 voters called for the firing of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

However, not everyone was angry with the central bank. Fourteen Facebook voters weighed in with, ‘I am a big bank and I love it!’ and one happy (if somewhat cryptic) soul offered the write-in vote, ‘Thanks, Fed – I'm buying an iPhone5!’


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