FHM Mortgage Group Teams With Collection Agencies


FHM Mortgage Group LLC, a full-service mortgage broker headquartered in Parsippany, N.J., has partnered with collection agencies to help overextended homeowners resolve their past-due debts.

‘Professional collectors know that most overextended homeowners want to pay off their delinquent bills but often don't know how to go about raising the necessary funds,’ says Nick Mastrandrea, president of FHM. ‘This is FHM's area of expertise. We work with dozens of lenders who, even in the midst of the current credit crunch, are willing to help financially strapped homeowners secure new mortgages that can help them pay their bills, repair their credit profile and get back on their feet financially.’

FHM is currently licensed to operate in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Connecticut, Michigan, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Delaware, and is applying for licensing in additional states. The company notes that it also offers reverse mortgages in which the homeowner can receive either a lump sum or multiple payments from the lender.

Source: FHM Mortgage Group

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