Financial Crossing Introduces Independent Advisor Program

Financial Crossing, a provider of financial liability management solutions, has launched its Independent Advisor Program, the first turnkey program that expands the professional capacity of financial advisors, mortgage originators and other industry professionals. According to Financial Crossing, the program enables these professionals to function as personal liability managers, providing mortgage and liability analysis, planning, monitoring and execution in real time and on an ethical and objective basis.

‘The Independent Advisor Program makes finance professionals a part of the solution to the industry's challenge of promoting ethical lending,’ explains Jon Pedley, vice president of product management for Financial Crossing. ‘Whether borrowers are communicating with a financial advisor, a call center representative, or a mortgage professional, they need to receive liability advice that considers all their major liabilities, including mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, etc.

‘Traditionally, industry professionals would offer loans based on their own preferences or their customers' named preferences,’ he continues. ‘Some even use product, price and eligibility engines, which choose loan products based on what's optimal for mortgage originators. A much-needed shift is now under way toward consultative selling, where the client's best interests are a top priority.’

The program offers comprehensive online training and also comes equipped with an e-mail marketing campaign that automatically informs clients of the new liability management service, Financial Crossing notes.

Source: Financial Crossing


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