Finaya Unifies Home Buying and Selling, Mortgage, Insurance, Title and Closing Services


Technology firm Finaya has launched an AI-based homeownership marketplace super-app that integrates home buying and selling, mortgage, insurance, title, closing and other related services supported by a marketplace of on-demand realtors, loan brokers, lenders and service providers.

In addition, Finaya has announced a definitive merger and acquisition agreement with Nexme, a real estate app with a distinctive “tour now” capability that lets buyers request home tours on demand, and real estate agents to service their requests in real time.

With this agreement, Nexme’s founders, Arian Abdulkader and Vanessa Alvarez, will join Finaya’s experienced, diverse leadership team with deep technology, AI, lending, real estate and customer experience expertise.

“At Finaya, we believe in leveraging AI technology to harmonize the way customers experience homeownership, ushering in capabilities such as affordable home search, dynamic agent commissions, and transparency of end-to-end transactions,” says Naren Nath, CEO of Finaya, in a release. “At the same time, we are empowering real estate agents, loan officers and other service professionals with unprecedented access to in-market customers, resources and expertise, revolutionizing the industry in the process.”

“We’re excited to join Finaya and continue making our vision of a seamless home ownership experience a reality, as we move into this era of AI,” says Arian Abdulkader, CEO of Nexme.

Departing from legacy provider-centric models, Finaya is customer-centric, automated digital-first, and integrated from the ground up, unifying the homeownership experience in one place. 

By harnessing cutting-edge AI/LLM technologies, Finaya plans to aggregate and analyze vast amounts of data to automate home and loan selection, recommend optimal pricing structures, and generate personalized content.

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