First Integrity Mortgage Goes Live With Mortgage Builder LOS


First Integrity Mortgage, based in St. Louis, has selected a loan origination system (LOS) from Southfield, Mich.-based LOS provider Mortgage Builder. Preferred features included the system's all-inclusive pricing and functionality, and the personal approach the software company took during the due diligence period and later, during implementation, Mortgage Builder says.

‘We started our due diligence by looking at advertisements in industry publications and reading stories written about loan origination systems,’ notes Eve Janis, senior vice president and operations manager for First Integrity. ‘I spoke to many of my counterparts with other companies and found out who they were using, and discovered they didn't have many nice things to say about most of these providers. Then I found out about Mortgage Builder, and from all accounts, they were the LOS to use.’
First Integrity is taking the implementation process in stages, currently using the basic modules. They will be adding the warehouse monitoring and image management capabilities over the course of the year, Mortgage Builder adds.

Source: Mortgage Builder

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