Floify, Total Expert Enable Lenders to Send Pre-Populated Applications to Borrowers


Floify, a point of sale solution for mortgage lenders, says it now pre-populates loan applications for borrowers using data on file in Total Expert.

The enhanced integration enables lenders to support a lending experience that reflects the acquired knowledge of a nurtured relationship, Floify says in a release.

With this integration, loan originators can send pre-populated loan applications to borrowers, leveraging the existing data within Total Expert.

This feature is designed to streamline the loan origination process and enhance the application experience by reducing redundant data entry.

The integration harnesses borrower data previously collected, either from past transactions or during the nurturing process.

“The Floify-Total Expert direct connection allows lenders to use the best sales experience automations offered by Total Expert in conjunction with the great user experience of Floify,” says Sofia Rossato, president and general manager for Floify, in the release. “This integration responds to a growing demand from lenders for tools that provide both their LOs and customers with greater convenience and a more modern technology experience.”

“We are excited that originators already using both products are reporting an increase in conversion and pull-through rates, along with gaining customer accolades,” adds Dan Catinella, chief lending officer at Total Expert. “Our team continues to innovate quickly and deliver impactful technology to help our customers as the industry seeks to maximize the loan officer’s productivity and provide an unparalleled customer experience at the point of sale and during the origination process.”

Photo: Ross Sneddon

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