Former White House IT Exec, MarketWise Founder Form RedWolf Cybersecurity Group

Former White House Cybersecurity Lead Auzzie Brown and MarketWise founder Jordan Brown have launched a new cybersecurity company, RedWolf Cybersecurity Group LLC, to secure consumer information and address the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the financial industry.

According to the company, RedWolf offers specialized, cost-effective and up-to-date cybersecurity products and services for mortgage lenders, credit unions and banks, with a specific focus on the FinTech sector. The company also offers educational tools to better inform financial institution employees, who are at the front lines in protecting corporate and personal consumer information.

RedWolf says that proprietary technology and teams will be available for lenders to complete penetration tests, best practice information security awareness programs, technology reviews and incident management.

Cybersecurity policy templates are now available online, and the learning system will soon be available for employee cybersecurity awareness programs.


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