Genworth MI Rolls Out New Underwriting Platform

Genworth Mortgage Insurance (Genworth MI) has rolled out a new enterprise underwriting platform called “GENie.”

The new platform is designed to streamline operations and enhance underwriter productivity by automating many of the processes that have traditionally been done manually, such as document classification, data extraction, loan routing/assignment and performance management. This eliminates the need for underwriters to interface with multiple systems.

“Innovation and technology that streamline our underwriting services remain a top priority for us,” says Paul Gomez, senior vice president and chief operating officer for Genworth MI, in a release. “GENie is the type of platform that allows us to continue offering industry-leading turnaround times and drive new efficiencies via automation, further enhancing Genworth’s reputation as a mortgage insurance underwriting company determined to stay ahead of the
technological curve and to make it even easier for our customers to do business.”

The platform, developed in conjunction with mortgage technology provider Tavant Technologies, will also improve workflow via a series of enhanced dashboards that more clearly demonstrate the progress of each individual underwriting application.


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