Global DMS Launches New Residential Valuation Technology Platform


Global DMS has launched its EVO-Residential Valuation Technology Platform, a new platform which the company claims delivers 100% automation, unparalleled configurability, operational flexibility, major cost savings and process transparency.

The provider of cloud-based valuation management software says the new platform is primed to change the way lending and real estate entities process and manage valuations.

Global DMS engineered EVO-Res from the ground up with total automation of the entire valuation process in mind.

It delivers an arsenal of easy-to-use tools that help transform businesses into ultra-efficient, compliant, finely tuned operations, the company says.

“We put a great deal of thought into the design and underlying functionality of EVO-Res, collaborating with clients and diligently operating in an R&D mode for years,” says Vladimir Bien-Aime, president and CEO of Global DMS, in a release. “EVO-Res provides organizations with an unrivaled technology foundation that ensures their unique valuation processes are completely automated from start to finish.”

EVO-Res is user role-based, providing a customized experience for each user, complete with separate dashboards and task lists that help drive performance.

Users have the ability to configure every field, new fields can be added on the fly and are instantly reportable.

Users can also create new review forms in minutes. Previously, these types of changes would require costly and time-consuming development intervention, the company says.

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