Hall Underwriting And Consulting Opens

A new due diligence firm has formally begun operations. Hall Underwriting and Consulting LLC (HUC), based in Montgomery, Ala., was founded by due diligence executives Andy Hall and Clayton Greenfield.

The company offers due diligence services for single-family mortgages and other consumer asset classes (both performing and nonperforming).

HUC's proprietary due diligence system, MOREX, "couples detailed analytics with the most qualified and experienced mortgage analysts in the country to achieve the desired results and to provide clients with the most risk-based decisions available," says Hall.

HUC says it incorporates fraud reviews in all of the due diligence assignments it accepts. "With all of the online and third-party resources available to due diligence vendors, there should never be an instance where a fraudulent loan is not properly identified," Greenfield adds. "Fraud analysis must be included in all due diligence and must be done up front and not after the fact."



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