Xactus Rolls Out HELOC Verification Services Bundle


Verification solutions provider Xactus has launched a new HELOC Verifications Bundle to assist lenders and brokers with targeting prospects, assessing risk, and increasing efficiencies to help meet the increased HELOC demands.

The HELOC Verifications Bundle enables mortgage professionals to see who qualifies by mining their existing portfolios and setting criteria and screening consumers to obtain pre-screened leads, the company says.

Mortgage companies can also assess consumer risk more effectively with a variety of verification tools, including credit reports, AVMs, VOEs, flood reports and FraudPlus.

The HELOC Verifications Bundle is fully customizable, enabling mortgage professionals to select only those tools that meet the specific needs of their businesses.

Michael Crockett, chief data officer of Xactus, says the set of verification services “provides data that helps in two key areas – identifying who qualifies and better assessing risk – so mortgage professionals can process HELOCs faster and enhance their profitability.”

Xactus comprises the merged family of companies that includes Credit Plus, Universal Credit Services, CIS Credit Solutions, Avantus, and DataFacts Lending Solutions.

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