Hollander Financial Selects SML’s Loan Search and Pricing Engine


Claremont, Calif.-based Hollander Financial has selected SearchMyLoan.com (SML) to provide loan search and pricing services to its loan officers, according to SML.

As a result of signing on with SML, Hollander Financial's loan originators have access to the SML search engine platform that provides a comprehensive search and pricing capability of virtually every loan type available. Hollander Financial loan products are included on the SML platform, giving loan originators access to its prime, FHA and Alt-A products.

‘With many larger lenders moving away from wholesale channels, the financial needs of many borrowers are not being met,’ says Hollander Financial President Mark Hollander. ‘Using SearchMyLoan's loan search and pricing engine, we are able to provide our niche lending products quicker and more efficiently through correspondent channels to provide loans to many of these borrowers, grabbing market share and boosting our competitiveness.’

SOURCE: SearchMyLoan.com

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