HomeBinder Adds New Features


HomeBinder reports that it has added new features and user interface (UI) improvements to its centralized home management platform that keeps homeowners connected with mortgage lenders, home inspectors, insurance providers, home pros, real estate agents, and other authorized professionals.

Notably, HomeBinder had introduced a proprietary home valuation tool that aggregates multiple data points — including renovations, appliance upgrades and the completion status of maintenance tasks — to estimate the home’s current value and appreciation.

The tool also tracks information including purchase price, current loan balance, loan term, interest rate, annual taxes and hazard insurance.

The feature is designed to help homeowners better track their home’s value and provide future buyers with deeper transparency into the history of the home.

The platform update also introduces an evergreen “To Do” list on the homeowner’s homepage. The list highlights important tasks driven both by homeowner-specific binder data as well as the stage of ownership, following models used by many other successful SaaS platforms.

The new UI also features enhanced navigation and workflows that improve organization of tools such as document storage, maintenance history, home improvement projects, appliance models, property details and photos.

“This latest update to the HomeBinder interface strengthens homeowner engagement with the platform, keeping users connected with their mortgage lenders and other authorized home professionals,” says Guy Tassinari, Chief Product Officer for HomeBinder, in a release. “By offering unique new capabilities and targeted improvements to organizational workflows, HomeBinder continues to be a valuable, user-friendly resource homeowners will return to again and again, creating long-term referral and repeat business opportunities.”

Photo: Joshua Sortino

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