Homeland Security Suggests ‘Co-op’ Approach To Cybersecurity

12707_computer_problem2 Homeland Security Suggests 'Co-op' Approach To Cybersecurity The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is recommending that financial companies pool their infrastructure resources and work together to fight the increasing level of cybersecurity threats.

According to a report in the technology trade magazine Computerworld, the DHS response follows a fourth week of distributed denial-of-service attacks against major U.S. banks. Mark Weatherford, DHS deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity, told a cybersecurity awareness conference in Santa Clara, Calif., that financial institutions should consider working together to create ‘a co-op kind of model’ where Internet service providers can buy more servers than any single company might need and then ‘co-op that for like-minded organizations’ in the event that extra server capacity could be immediately available. However, Weatherford adds that he had ‘no idea’ if such a scheme was viable or even legal.

‘This has been an eye-opening experience,’ says Weatherford about the depth of cyber attacks being orchestrated against U.S. financial institutions by a hacker group identifying itself as an Iranian-based Islamic militant organization.


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