Homepoint Taps Former Fannie Mae Pro to Lead Internal Audits


Mortgage originator and servicer Homepoint has appointed Noelle Lipscomb as the company’s chief audit executive, overseeing the review, monitoring and evaluation of the company’s financial, operational and compliance internal controls.  

Lipscomb brings over 20 years of accounting and audit experience to Homepoint, most recently serving in senior audit roles at Fannie Mae for nearly 17 years. 

“We are excited to welcome Noelle to Homepoint, as she brings tremendous experience and a strong track record within financial services to our organization,” says Willie Newman, president and CEO of Homepoint.

“Noelle’s understanding of the mortgage space will be instrumental in advising Homepoint on risk management and providing insight into our business operations and processes as our company continues to expand as a public entity and rapidly evolve as a leading mortgage originator and servicer.” 

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