HOPE NOW: 78K Loan Mods In January

13465_hope_now_logo-color HOPE NOW: 78K Loan Mods In January HOPE NOW reports that an estimated 78,397 homeowners received permanent, affordable loan modifications from mortgage servicers during January.

For the month of January, 63,539 homeowners received proprietary loan modifications, and 14,858 homeowners received Home Affordable Modification Program modifications. There were 29,244 short sales reported for the month.

‘HOPE NOW members continue to find ways to help distressed homeowners, particularly those in areas of great distress – including those impacted by Superstorm Sandy,’ says Eric Selk, executive director. ‘Work on loan modifications, short sales and other non-foreclosure solutions remains strong, with efforts being made via mortgage servicers, nonprofit housing counselors and others on behalf of homeowners.’


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