Ibis Software Adds Integration With Cadence Finale For Reverse Doc Packages

Mortgage Cadence Inc., a provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS) for the financial services industry, has completed an integration between Ibis Software's Reverse Mortgage Originator (RMO) product offering and Mortgage Cadence Finale, a document solution that supports multiple top-10 reverse lenders and lenders new to this market segment.

The integration provides Ibis RMO customers with the opportunity to leverage superior document preparation and delivery through a comprehensive platform that accelerates the lending process and ultimately increases customer satisfaction, the companies state.

Mortgage Cadence Finale has native data links within RMO, enabling lenders to dynamically create and return initial disclosures and closing packages in under 10 seconds and deliver them securely to the borrower or settlement agent over the Web. In addition, all of the necessary calculations take place locally within Ibis RMO, preventing disparate data on multiple platforms.

Sources: Mortgage Cadence, Ibis Software


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