IDS Adds New Dashboard To Its Mortgage Document Preparation System

Mortgage document preparation vendor International Document Services Inc. (IDS) has added a fulfillment dashboard to its mortgage document preparation system idsDoc.

The dashboard gives users the ability to view, track and manage all document fulfillment requests to IDS through a single location, the company says in a press release. Not only can users track the status of document packages that have been submitted to IDS for fulfillment, but they can also view a historical record of all previously fulfilled document packages.

Under the “active packages” tab, users can view each document package and see what method was used to deliver the documents. Users can also drill down to the individual document level to determine what documents have been signed and completed for that loan package.

In addition, the dashboard also tracks the borrower’s progress in completing the loan package. For example, when documents are delivered electronically and are to be executed via e-sign, the dashboard will let the user know when the initial notification was sent, when the electronic consent was received and whether the borrower has completed the e-sign process.

The system also includes a separate “wet sign” tab to manage documents that cannot be signed electronically. From this tab, users can also easily review, add or remove documents for wet signature using the document name as listed in the document list from the PDF package file.

“With the strict disclosure delivery timing requirements imposed by [the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures, or TRID] rule, it is more critical than ever for lenders to be able to quickly and easily keep track of the status of loan documents,” says Mark Mackey, vice president of IDS, in a release. “Keeping our clients compliant with TRID has been at the top of IDS’ priority list, and we continue to refine our system to meet lenders’ needs.”


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