IDS Integrates 4506-T Verification Services from QuestSoft


Mortgage document preparation vendor International Document Services (IDS) recently integrated 4506-T Verification Services from QuestSoft Corp., a provider of automated mortgage compliance software, into idsDoc.

With this integration, QuestSoft customers can now directly order 4506-T income verifications to be e-signed through idsDoc.

“Increasing efficiency is a top priority for every lender, and anytime lenders can automate labor-intensive processes or reduce delays through automation, that only serves to reduce turntimes and improve the borrower experience,” says Mark Mackey, vice president and general manager of IDS, in a release. “QuestSoft has a long history as one of the industry’s most reputable compliance and risk management technology firms, and we are thrilled to partner with them to integrate its income verification service into idsDoc.”

Through the integration, loan teams are notified as soon as borrowers complete the 4506-T form in the IDS e-sign room, allowing them to streamline the ordering process and pull direct-source data for more accurate income verification.

As a result, joint QuestSoft-IDS customers can potentially reduce processing times while improving loan integrity and quality.

“As more lenders embrace the electronic signing of mortgage documents, the ability to easily order and verify income data through IDS and QuestSoft provides lenders a compliant, secure way to increase efficiency and speed the time from application to closing,” says Steve Butler, senior vice president, business development at QuestSoft.

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