IDS Now Has Full E-Closing Capabilities via ClickToClose


International Document Services Inc. (IDS) reports that it has augmented its flagship doc prep platform idsDoc to include full e-closing capabilities through a new service called ClickToClose.

Using ClickToClose, IDS clients are now able to execute loans digitally as far as investor requirements and jurisdictional regulations allow, the company says in a release.

As part of this development, IDS is now providing the MISMO V3 Tamper Evident SMART Doc PDF e-note standard.

“With major investors like Wells Fargo now accepting e-notes and the growing adoption of electronic and remote online notarization, the barriers to full e-mortgage adoption are falling rapidly,” says Mark Mackey, vice president and general manager of IDS. “IDS’s position has always been to be responsive to market changes and to be ready to deliver the solutions our clients need when the timing is right for them.”

ClickToClose extends the experience idsDoc users and their clients experience with idsDoc’s initial disclosure e-sign functionality, ensuring a consistent experience throughout the transaction, the company says.

Through ClickToClose, lenders can electronically deliver the closing package prior to closing, allowing borrowers to familiarize themselves with the documents before reaching the closing table.

On the day of closing, the lender enables the final set of documents and eSigns their portion of the closing package. From there, ClickToClose sends the documents to the borrower to allow them to e-sign any documents that do not require notarization.

At the closing ceremony, transaction participants log on to the ClickToClose portal to finalize and complete the transaction.

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