Illinois Law Firm Launches Litigation Team To Handle Rise In Foreclosures

Pierce & Associates, offering foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction and REO title and closing services in Illinois, has launched a new litigation services team to focus on the rise in complex litigation disputes associated with the foreclosure process.

‘We've spent the last year making important strategic changes at P&A. This latest area of focus within the litigation arena is critical to better serving the holistic legal needs of our clients,’ says Denis Pierce, president and founder of Pierce & Associates, in a release.

Lee Perres, managing attorney for Pierce & Associates, says the firm has ‘spent the last few months realigning and recruiting new attorneys to enhance our focus on this complicated and high risk area for our client base.’

‘The volume of foreclosures still remaining in the marketplace, the ever-changing legal statutes at the state level and the increase in complex litigation compelled us to build our team and introduce an enhanced focus in the area,’ Perres adds.

According to RealtyTrac's Foreclosure Market Report, there were 167,680 vacant foreclosure properties nationwide in June, with 17,672 of those in Illinois, making it the number two state in the U.S. for vacancies due to foreclosure.


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