iMortgage Services Releases Tier3 Comprehensive Collateral Report

iMortgage Services LLC, an independent national provider of value-added collateral valuation and settlement services for the residential mortgage industry, has released its Tier3 comprehensive collateral reevaluation report.

Using a three-stage valuation process, Tier3 takes historical market context into full account, coupling it with the depth of knowledge and expertise of the highest quality appraisal professionals to produce the most accurate, objective, documented proof of a property's value at a given point in time, according to iMortgage Services.

The report can include two separately focused field inspections, plus Tier3's greatest asset: a complete written analysis of all findings. The final report always provides a critique of the original appraisal, performed by a licensed and certified appraiser, on any piece of property or appraisal under quality assurance review.

Source: iMortgage Services


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