Income and Employment Verification Tool Now Linked to Encompass


Truework, a fintech company that provides income and employment verification for mortgage lenders, says its integration is now built on the latest Encompass Partner Connect API Platform and available through ICE Mortgage Technology to help reduce costs and increase underwriting efficiency.

Truework is the latest ICE Mortgage Technology partner to add Automated Service Ordering through the Encompass platform.

This new integration enables lenders to automatically search Truework’s instant data network of over 35 million employee records without the click of a button. This advancement in automation eliminates the tedious data submissions traditionally required to process verifications of income and employment, saving underwriting teams time and eliminating the risk of human error, the company says.

“We’re excited to launch an integration that will immediately benefit thousands of lenders across the country,” says Ryan Sandler, CEO of Truework. “Alongside ICE, our team has shown a dedication to pushing the technological boundaries in order to help lenders save time and convert more applicants into borrowers.”

“Once the verification is initiated through the Encompass platform, we don’t have to think about it again,” adds Jeremy Longman, loan processing manager at Ideal Lending Solutions. “That’s a huge improvement.”

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