Indecomm Introduces New Version of AuditGenius Loan QC Solution


Indecomm, a provider of lending automation and mortgage services, has launched a new version of its AuditGenius loan quality control solution.

The upgraded version leverages the company’s “Genius” tech stack, an interconnected and proprietary blend of technology, to help AuditGenius users to meet exceedingly stringent QC requirements while significantly reducing the need for excessive manual reviews and re-reviews, the company says in a release.

Indecomm says the improvements to AuditGenius have helped yield an estimated 50% reduction in manual processes and time spent on loan audits in the pre-fund QA stage.

AuditGenius boasts an estimated 75,000 users with over 200 active loan reviews and audits. 

“In the current mortgage market, lenders want to increase quality control without increasing the number of resources,” says Rachael Harris, senior vice president, product management, for Indecomm. “By incorporating this foundational technology into AuditGenius, Indecomm enables meticulous, in-depth pre-fund loan audits at scale, proactively capturing defects in the data and documents that may otherwise result in repurchase risk.”

“The technology driving Indecomm’s latest AuditGenius has the potential to usher in a new generation of automation-enabled quality control and other touch-heavy mortgage processes,” says Rajan Nair, CEO of Indecomm. “The typical QC process is still highly manual and extremely redundant, with extensive checklists of 200+ questions. By applying Indecomm’s underlying tech engine to AuditGenius, and automating those hand-heavy processes, we may finally snuff out the culture of quality control review overkill.”

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