Indecomm’s InteleDoc Direct E-Recording Software Now Integrated With ResWare

Indecomm Global Services reports that its InteleDoc Direct (IDD) e-recording platform, featuring Recopedia, a national recording knowledge base/fee calculator for paper and e-recording, is now integrated with Adeptive Software’s ResWare title production platform.

In a release, Indecomm claimed it is the only company in the industry to enhance a Web-based e-recording platform with a toolkit that provides current county-specific requirements and fee calculations for all real estate document recordings rather than just prompts and tips about e-recording only county requirements.

The integration will dramatically boost the efficiency of title agents, enabling them to meet all of their business processing and recording needs in a single platform, the company stated in a press release.

“Indecomm’s automated solutions enhance a variety of business process applications used by title agents,” said Rajan Nair, CEO of the financial services division for Indecomm Global Services. “IDD’s integration with ResWare is an outstanding example of enhancing the overall recording experience for title agents.”


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