Informative Research Debuts Shortened Credit Report Format

Informative Research, a provider of credit reports, credit scoring management tools and compliance services, has designed a new credit report format to highlight the most critical elements of a borrower's credit history.

All derogatory trade lines and all collection accounts now appear in bold in all versions of the Informative Research credit report. Bureau trade line remarks are now merged, displaying each unique trade line remark on one line with all sources listed on that same line, the company adds. Duplicate lines are eliminated, reducing the overall report length by as much as 20%.

"As credit requirements have tightened, brokers and lenders want to identify the most important negative information first and foremost," says Tony D'Eccliss, senior vice president of sales at Informative Research. "Secondly, the merging of duplicate information makes the report shorter and more efficient."

SOURCE: Informative Research


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