Informative Research Solution Helps Lenders with Verification Processes


In a move to simplify cumbersome employment and verification processes for lenders, Informative Research, a Stewart company, has debuted its new Verification Waterfall Solution. This one-click service fulfills all income and employment verification requirements through its fully integrated workflow process that mitigates lender risk and results in improved cycle times, higher success rates and reduced costs.

Leveraging API technology, Waterfall provides a tailored system that seamlessly cycles through verification providers in pre-selected order, eliminating the need for lenders to negotiate contracts with multiple providers and integrate disparate systems.

“We love this powerful new best-in-class Waterfall Solution,” says Kevin English, EVP of National Operations for New American Funding. “Informative Research configured this solution in a way that eliminates unnecessary orders, fully integrates with our existing systems and successfully addresses the pain points of what was a cumbersome process for our users. It creates efficiencies and reduces our costs. Everybody wins.”

“Our Waterfall Solution is smart, powerful, and easy to use. Addressing industry challenges with cutting edge technology and data-driven, easy-to-adapt solutions is what drives Informative Research,” comments Matt Orlando, president of Informative Research Mortgage Vertical. “Waterfall strengthens the employment and income verification process for our clients, builds industry trust and is simply good business. We are thrilled to officially bring this solution to market.”

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