Informative Research Unveils Suite Of Credit Review Tools

Informative Research has released a new credit-review service designed to provide deep credit data and risk analytics to help assess payment risk, mitigate losses, increase loan retention or aid collection. The service is flexible, returning any combination of credit scores only, full credit reports (single bureau), or custom credit attributes requests from any of over 400 selectable elements, the company says.

With Portfolio Credit Review, clients submit large batch credit data requests and get results in as few as three business days. Prior to processing, Informative Research consults with each client. Unlike with a traditional credit report, these analytics are requested as soft inquiries so as not to harm the borrower's inquiry count or credit score.

‘As the industry recovers from the mortgage meltdown, Informative Research is excited to offer a suite of tools to help investors prioritize their efforts and get back on track,’ says Tony D'Eccliss, senior vice president of sales at Informative Research.

By introducing its new Portfolio Credit Review tools, Informative Research says it hopes to continue positioning itself as a premier mortgage information partner for its existing servicing and investor clients, working together to find prosperity in a difficult market.

Source: Informative Research


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