InsideValuation Releases Technology Portal


Reno, Nev.-headquartered InsideValuation, a national due diligence and valuation provider specializing in commercial real estate, has introduced new technology that automates non-critical points in the valuation process, reduces delivery time and includes a scoring model with demographic and economic information that assists in the quantification of collateral risk.

Using the latest .NET technology now allows field valuators (usually real estate appraisers or brokers) to receive timely requests for valuations, enabling them to operate more efficiently, and opening the door for InsideValuation's clients to access their orders in real time, according to the company. Once the valuation is completed, the appraiser can upload the report to InsideValuation's Web site for customer retrieval.

In addition, with the new portal, products can be adapted to their customer's individual custom forms, current market conditions and operational demands.

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