Jet Mortgage Using OptifiNow’s Wholesale CRM Solution 


Jet Mortgage, a rapidly growing wholesale mortgage lender based in California specializing in FHA, VA, and Non-QM lending, is the latest lender to sign up for OptifiNow’s wholesale CRM solution. 

OptifiNow’s TPO CRM Platform provides lenders with an intuitive and cost-effective solution that improves sales productivity, the company says in a release. Jet Mortgage chose the solution after an extensive evaluation process, recognizing that its out-of-the-box functionality met the unique needs of wholesale mortgage lenders.

The partnership aims to enhance Jet Mortgage’s sales effectiveness, client relationships, and overall loan origination growth.

“OptifiNow is purpose-built for wholesale lending, making it the ideal choice for us. Not only is it an incredibly effective system, but we saved resources and countless hours because it was implemented quickly and didn’t require us to hire specialists,” says Michael Turturro, co-founder of Jet Mortgage, in the release.

Turturro emphasized that CRM technology like OptifiNow is essential for wholesale lenders, noting that it keeps their account executives organized and focused on a consistent sales process.

“OptifiNow allows our sales managers to have better oversight of their teams and make decisions more quickly,” he says. “The platform’s intuitive design ensures that our account executives can navigate and use its features with minimal training, streamlining our processes that lead to better engagement with brokers.”

OptifiNow’s CRM solution offers a range of features tailored to meet the demands of wholesale lending. Integrations with Jet Mortgage’s loan origination system (LOS) enables the CRM to track loan submissions and fundings, providing account executives with a 360 degree view of their customer. Built-in email functionality simplifies marketing campaign management and automatically notifies account executives when a broker engages with their marketing.

“As a growing lender, we need to be economical with our technology choices,” Turturro says. “OptifiNow not only meets our sales and marketing needs, but also provides excellent value for our investment.”

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