Johnson Capital Launches Special Servicing Division

Johnson Capital, a Denver-based national real estate investment banking firm, has formed a joint venture with the Miller Frishman Group (MFG), a provider of commercial real estate advisory, property management and brokerage services.

Under the agreement, Johnson Capital Special Servicing (JCSS) will provide a vertically integrated loan workout platform and offer asset management, property and construction management, note sales and brokerage services to financial institutions with troubled commercial real estate loans.

With 19 offices nationwide, Johnson Capital is a master servicer for over $4 billion in performing loans to date and offers extensive experience in procuring debt and equity. MFG was recognized as a key workout specialist for financial institutions during the savings and loan crisis of the 1990s.

JCSS principals will include Guy Johnson, Johnson Capital president; Cliff Carnes, Johnson Capital COO; Darren Fisk, Johnson Capital principal; Andrew Miller, MFG principal; and David Frishman, MFG principal.

Source: Johnson Capital


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