LandAmerica’s Web Site Services Now Available To Agent Partners

LandAmerica Financial Group Inc. is making its Website Development and Hosting Program, which features Internet Marketing Services, such as pay-per-click search engine marketing (SEM) solutions, available to the company's agent partners.

LandAmerica's Website Development and Hosting/Internet Marketing Services is the newest of 32 customized solutions delivered through the LandAmerica AgentXtra Program. For more than four years, this program has helped agent partners achieve business expansion, boost efficiency, utilize leading technologies and provide better customer service, the company says.

The company has selected Market Hardware as its preferred vendor to provide Website Development and Hosting Services/Internet Marketing Services. For agent partners needing new Web sites, Market Hardware will build sites for them or can provide the necessary tools for any agents wishing to build sites themselves.

Additionally, LandAmerica's Website Development and Hosting Services feature Market Hardware's Search Engine Optimization system for Internet marketing.

SOURCE: LandAmerica


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