LBA Ware’s CompenSafe Integrated with SimpleNexus


LBA Ware, a provider of automated compensation and sales performance management software for mortgage lenders, has completed a partial integration of its compensation platform, CompenSafe, with SimpleNexus’s enterprise digital mortgage solution.

As a result, LOs will be able to receive real-time push notifications on calculated loan commissions directly through the SimpleNexus mobile app.

“LOs are increasingly using our mobile platform to manage their day-to-day tasks and adding real-time compensation notifications enables SimpleNexus to become a one-stop-shop for LOs, operationally speaking,” says Matt Hansen, CEO at SimpleNexus, in a release. “LBA Ware has built the industry’s best compensation platform, and we are eager to give our users a taste of what CompenSafe can provide through these push notifications.”

SimpleNexus provides LOs with a single, mobile-driven platform to connect with borrowers and Realtor partners and access the ancillary systems and tools they use on a regular basis. 

The addition of compensation notifications through the integration with LBA Ware adds to the suite of milestone alerts and other push notifications already available through the app and gives LOs a more complete picture of their individual level of production in real time.

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