Lenders One Launches Wizard Of Oz Ad Campaign

The members of Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative, a national alliance of mortgage bankers, have launched a national promotional campaign featuring video, still images and audio from the film The Wizard of Oz, through a license agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Lenders One's campaign coincides with this year's 70th anniversary celebration of The Wizard of Oz.

Last November, Lenders One announced the license agreement, which it obtained for the advertising and marketing purposes of its members. The cooperative is now leveraging a variety of print, broadcast, Web and other materials to build continuous, consistent messaging and extend the reach of each member in its respective community, the group says.

"The Wizard of Oz is a timeless, familiar film that resonates in the hearts of all ages," says Scott Stern, Lenders One CEO. "Our members are using these iconic phrases and images to illustrate in their communities the soundness of their lending and the availability of viable mortgage products. The campaign is enabling them to build a new customer base while reconnecting with existing core borrowers."

For the campaign, which is titled The Brains, the Courage and the Heart to Make Your Dreams Come True, Lenders One members can develop customizable flyers, direct mail materials and print ads, as well as Web site splash pages and online banner ads. Additionally, they have access to sound bites and video to create 30- or 60-second TV commercials and two 30-second radio spots. Lenders One also has made available templates for designing counter cards, table tents, coffee mugs and lobby displays.

SOURCE: Lenders One


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