LendingQB Rolling Out ‘Modular-in-Browser’ Interfaces Aimed at Individual Mortgage Roles


Mortgage origination technology provider LendingQB has introduced OriginatorQB, a loan officer and originator web portal that streamlines the loan origination process.

The solution is part of the company’s new focus on modularity. It intuitively packages existing LendingQB loan officer and originator tools into a new user interface to provide lenders with a role-specific portal.

LendingQB claims this new approach will revolutionize the way lenders interact with and think about loan origination technology. The firm says OriginatorQB is the first of its “modular-in-browser” interfaces aimed at individual roles. It is a standalone UI built on top of LendingQB’s core database with equivalent functionality.

OriginatorQB streamlines loan origination by lessening errors and training time while providing only the tools that loan officers and originators need, the company claims in a press release.

“We’re excited about OriginatorQB because we know that lenders want to move into a modular environment,” says David Colwell, LendingQB vice president of strategy for LendingQB.  “Providing a framework for lenders to be able to create role specific user experiences is the next phase of LOS technology evolution.

“The simplicity of web services and APIs practically allow lenders to build their own LOS without having to start from scratch,” Colwell says. “Our strategic goal is to continue with this modular approach and open up our LOS for lender-specific UI customizations. OriginatorQB represents the first step towards an overall strategy of LOS modularity.”

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