LendingQB Rolls Out New Brand And Strategic Initiative: ‘Adoptimization’

It’s one thing to build a feature-rich, highly stable and easily integrated loan origination system, but quite another to help your lender clients get the most out of it.

As many loan origination system (LOS) providers know, it often takes a consultative approach to help small to midsize lenders get the most out of their systems. An LOS is by no means “set it and forget it”; because it is integrated with so many other critical systems, these core systems need to be continuously monitored and “tweaked” for performance.

As such, loan origination software provider LendingQB has launched a new brand as part of a strategic initiative to focus on “adoptimization,” a process that helps lenders streamline their processes and continuously improve their lending practices by optimizing the use of technology.

LendingQB’s goal is to move beyond just providing innovative products to create strategies that enable lenders to capitalize on their technology. Through adoptimization, LendingQB guides lenders on how to best leverage their custom LOS to maximize profit and efficiency.

The software firm says it helps lenders get the most out of their LOS by partnering with multiple best-of-breed partners. Through strong integrations, a lender can build the LOS that best suits its needs.

“We created this idea of “adoptimization” – a portmanteau of “adopt and optimization” – so our users could not only have access to best lending technology, but so they can also use that technology to its fullest capabilities to strategically improve their processes,” says Tim Nguyen, co-founder of LendingQB, in a release. “We share the same goals as our customers. We want to help them create better lending practices and better serve our nation’s housing market.”

As part of the strategic initiative, LendingQB is launching a complete revamp of its branding and website. This includes the introduction of a new logo reflecting the firm’s “lean lending” approach to building a best-of-breed LOS.

“Our team strives to provide the best service and counsel to lenders,” says Nguyen. “We give them the ability to use the technology that brings the most value to their company. Our new website and public-facing brand materials will only support our focus on providing valuable information and innovation to lenders.”


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