LendingTree Now Using Lender Price PPE


Lender Price has integrated its product pricing and eligibility (PPE) engine with LendingTree, a marketing and lead generation platform that connects borrowers with lenders.

The integration means LendingTree and its customers can now realize the benefits of real-time synchronization of mortgage loan pricing with a leading online marketplace.

Lender Price’s PPE technology is designed to process large amounts of pricing data and produce instantaneous responses that satisfy the expectations of today’s digitally-connected originators and borrowers. The company claims its PPE generates accurate loan eligibility and pricing decisions in an extremely rapid manner, allowing users to “shape” loan scenarios in a continuous manner and view the resulting changes immediately on screen.

“Lender Price’s easy on-boarding and flexible loan price configurations will enable LendingTree to further expand our lender network to support lenders of all different sizes,” says Mehul Trivedi, senior director of platforms and product management at LendingTree, in a release. “Lender Price’s technology capabilities and versatility make it even easier for LendingTree to access digital pricing and present real-time offers from a diverse lender network to our online borrowers, bringing more choice and transparency into the loan process.”

“Lender Price’s architecture and technology stack make complex pricing decisions seamless and easy,” adds Dawar Alimi, CEO of Lender Price. “Our advanced algorithms make creating pricing rules using natural language rather than using control flow logic like ‘if-then’ statements.”

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