LoanToolbox, PushMX Software Announce Product Availability


LoanToolbox, one of three entities – including Mortgage Market Guide and The Duncan Group – that comprise Mortgage Success Source, a provider of products and services designed to help America's mortgage loan originators achieve success and grow their businesses, has launched a new product with PushMX Software, a technology company dedicated to helping mortgage industry professionals manage everyday business life.

‘Our partnership with PushMX Software will transform the way today's successful loan originators do business,’ says David Fournier, CEO of LoanToolbox. ‘With LoanToolbox providing the content pre-configured into a PushMX Sales and PushMX Production packaged product, subscribers will not only get the resources they need to build and maintain a 100-percent referral-based loan origination business, but also increase the efficiency of their pipeline.’

The PushMX Production and Sales and LoanToolbox packaged product combines a LoanToolbox core membership with PushMX Production and PushMX Sales subscriptions, pre-installed with LoanToolbox content using PushMX eWorkflow technology, the companies explain. A LoanToolbox core membership includes hundreds of ready-to-use turn-key marketing campaigns, proven strategies from top loan producers, tips for building a client and referral database, and an abundance of tools to help master the essentials of the mortgage industry.

Sources: LoanToolbox, PushMX Software

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