LRES Rolls Out Lien Alert Solution


LRES, which offers valuations, real estate owned asset management, homeowners association (HOA) and other technology solutions for the mortgage and real estate industries, has launched a lien alert solution to enable servicers to continuously monitor their portfolios for liens and other activity.

The solution offers a choice of 10 different activity alerts, allowing servicers to monitor for adjustable-rate mortgage resets, tax delinquency, bankruptcy notifications, ownership changes, lien status changes, value changes, foreclosure/default activity, involuntary liens and judgments, new recorded loans, and MLS listings, the company says in a release.

LRES collaborates with multiple data providers in order to deliver this service. It can be used as a customer retention tool – for example, a servicer can get an alert when a borrower puts his or her house on the market of if he or she qualifies for a lower mortgage rate – or it can be used as a risk mitigation tool during complex situations such as bankruptcies and foreclosures.

The service can also be used to alert servicers when a HOA or sub-HOA has placed a lien on a property in a “super lien” state.

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