Mavent Completes 25 Million Compliance Reviews


Mavent Inc., a provider of automated regulatory compliance solutions to the mortgage industry, has conducted its 25 millionth compliance review.

‘Our 25 million reviews were performed for the industry's leading institutions. Most of our clients operate nationwide, maintaining multiple business channels that originate and purchase an extensive product menu,’ states Louis Pizante, CEO of Mavent.

Mavent says its success is based on its ability to quickly and cost-effectively manage the regulatory risk exposure of an institution's pipelines, portfolio or loan pools. Its solution supports a wide range of loan programs, including a variety of interest-only, negative-amortization and option adjustable-rate mortgage products.

Clients can easily customize the system according to appropriate license or charter authorities, permissible regulatory options and interpretations, and internal compliance policies. Mavent's compliance system can be integrated within a customer's loan origination system for real-time reviews.

Source: Mavent

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