MCT, Fannie Mae Partner To Improve Best Execution

Mortgage Capital Trading Inc. (MCT) and Fannie Mae are partnering to deploy new technology and improve collaboration in order to deliver better service to their mutual clients.

Through this new partnership, MCT will be able to connect to live Fannie Mae pricing for real-time distribution to mutual clients within the MCTlive! platform.

This connectivity allows for timely best-execution analysis and faster execution for Fannie Mae sellers.

This technical integration is the first step in a road map of continued developments intended to provide distinct and tangible benefits to Fannie Mae-approved lenders.

As additional benefits, MCT clients will receive a reduction in Fannie Mae application and reactivation fees, as well as opportunities for direct interaction with key Fannie Mae personnel at MCT exclusive events.

“MCT and Fannie Mae have worked well together for many years in an unscripted relationship of mutual respect and client convenience,” said Ben Itkin, managing director at MCT, in a release. “This strategic collaboration puts a more formal and intentional direction to our collaboration.

“The fee reductions Fannie Mae has offered to MCT clients, while obviously a great benefit, only represent a single component of the overall value gain to be enjoyed by our mutual clients,” Itkin added.


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